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Ramen Noodle Commercial


Are you a business in need of some eye catching content?

Here at Ramen Noodle Films we are passionate about helping individuals and businesses create exciting ads that will help promote their brand. Whether it's for facebook, instagram or youtube our experience in telling powerful short stories has enabled us with the skills to create content that cuts through and sticks with your intended audience.

Photo Studio

Services We Offer

Whether it's pre or post production, we're happy to be there for any and every step of the way!


If this is your first time we'd love to sit down with you and have a chat to understand a little bit more about your business as well as your vision. All our services include a free consultation so that we can understand how to best tailor our video to meet your needs.

We want to understand who you are, what your business is about and who your audience is! 

Pre Production

Pre Production is when we really get stuck into the nitty gritty of your idea! Make the most of our free consultation by scheduling either a meeting or phone conversation to discuss your business needs. We look forward to meeting with you and developing your concept.


In pre-production we:

- Hunt for locations

- Audition actors / models

- Story board your concept

- Develop a project proposal 


Arguably the most fun part of the process, during production we see your idea come to life! You as the business owner will of course assist in the direction and styling of the shoot!





During production we:

- Liaise with talent and crew to ensure       a smooth day of shooting

- Organise gear rental (if required)

- Create a comfortable atmosphere on       set

- Communicate with the client to                 ensure our shared vision is being               achieved. 

Post Production

Throughout post-production we edit the final images and shots that we captured on shoot days. We send through multiple versions for you to consider and allow up to two revisions on edits to ensure that they are exactly as desired. 




In post production we:

- Organise and edit  footage

- Create multiple cuts

- Send through edits for feedback

- Colour grade footage 

- Sound post production

-Deliver multiple edits for various social      media platforms

Have you got an exciting concept that needs execution?  Let us help you make it come to life!

Thanks for submitting!

Orit Novak



m: 0433 313 217

Ramen Noodle Films

Kaikoura Ave

Hawthorn East



Lochie Hookway



m: 0428 444 070

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