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Two Brothers.    An Impossible Quest.   One Solo Adventure.

Set in 1986 Tasmania, Row follows Mike Dicker as he documents the lead up to his brothers next ocean going adventure, a never before accomplished row around the world. Inspired by true events, Row is a biopic that encapsulates the loving although sometimes fraught bond between two brothers.



Aaron James Campbell

as Mike

After performing for nearly 20 years as a professional dancer, Aaron has turned his attention to the world of acting. Alternating time between various short films; Beyond Charlie (2018), Row (2019), on going professional training as well as hosting/MCing and commercial work. Aaron has spent the last twelve months rehearsing the play “Marriage” by Nikolai Gogol which shall be performed in the second half of 2020. Aaron brings to Row an emotional sensibility and authenticity that grounds the story, making it easy for audiences to connect to.  

Alex Rendall

as Tony

Alex Rendall is a British born Australian actor. Immigrating to Adelaide in 1996 with his family at the age of 16 where he finished of his high school education. Finding it impossible to find work he moved to Sydney where he worked in the hospitality industry for three years until an almost fatal incident with a security guard. During his recovery over the coming months he decided he wanted to do more with his life, so he set out to pursue his life long dream of becoming an actor. Due to insecurities he felt that the only place he could do this with anonymity was back in his homeland. In 2004 he unsuccessfully auditioned for all the major drama schools in London but in 2005 finally got accepted into the CityLit where he studied for three years earning himself a high distinction in 2008. Alex continued to live and work as an actor in London up until 2012 having success in a handful of independent feature films, international commercials and short films. Alex moved back to Australia in November of 2012, residing in Melbourne where he still pursues his dream.

Sophie Muckart

as Diane

Sophie is a British actress, and graduate of 16th Street Actors Studio. She has participated in intensive workshops guided by masters of their craft, Larry Moss, Patsy Rodenburg, and the late Elizabeth Kemp. Her credits include - Theatre: Crown Matrimonial (2020), Out of Order (2019), Almost, Maine (2019). Short Film: Row (2019), Unearthed (2019), Beyond Charlie (2018), Aura - Sovereign Hill (2018). Feature Film: The Taverna (2019), The Wolfman (2010). Music Videos: Little Wise (2016). Sophie is also a co-founder/producer of Between The Buildings Theatre Co; a young Melbourne theatre collective who are forging a strong path for themselves in the independent scene.



Lochie Hookway
This is Lochie’s directorial debut of his first narrative film.
Born in Tasmania with a strong connection to the north-west coast Lochie has always taken an interest in Tasmanian stories. He has carried with him the idea of Row for a number of years and was excited to research and develop it into his graduate project. Coming from a background in cinematography and documentary he had a strong vision for what the visual palette of the film would be. Drawing on films such as Simon Baker’s Breath and Craig Gillespie’s I, Tonya for inspiration. He is greatly excited for the films release and plans to adapt the story into a feature in 2020. 
Orit Novak
Orit is passionate about all areas of filmmaking from pre to post production. She has experience in both directing, editing and producing short films and documentaries. As an editor she loves being a part of the story telling process by creating drama and emotion through the cut.  Orit came on board as producer and editor of Row in its early stages. She has greatly enjoyed taking part in the organisation of pre and post production and looks forward to over seeing its festival run in 2020/2021.

She loves that "Row is a unique story centred around a daring oceanic adventure yet grounded in the loving and sometimes challenging relationship of two brothers"

Justin Parker

Justin grew up in rural NSW with a passion for story telling. After completing a Diploma of Screen & Media at the Sydney Film School, as well as receiving The Audience award for his short The Cookie Jar, he set his sights on Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, where is now completing a Bachelor of Film and Television (Honours) co-majoring in Digital Advertising. Specialising in cinematography, Justin has been the Director of Photography on a handful of documentaries, music videos and 3 graduation short films Unorthodox, Lost Souls Archive and Row.

“The story, the people, and the script behind Row were the key reasons that I needed to share this narrative visually. Capturing the moments and the relationships within Row is an experience for everyone to see. Such a powerful narrative emerges from the town of Boat Harbour, Tasmania”

Luke McCarthy

Luke is young, queer writer/director with a passion for elegant and complicated drama. Drawing from a unique range of influences (from Eric Rohmer to Brian De Palma), he is always excited by new ideas, continually finding unique ways to represent social issues related to politics and identity on screen.

Luke was drawn to the way in which Row could tell a large-scale, melodramatic story in a relatively intimate way. The story of Mike and Tony Dicker was one which he felt he could connect to and appreciate, using his experience growing up in the country town of Bendigo, Victoria to help build up these two characters in a nuanced, realistic way. He collaborated closely with Lochie in order to achieve a film which would act as the perfect culmination of their shared vision.

Connor McRae

Connor has been composing music for 12 years and has been composing for film for the last 6. Specialising in piano-based music due to his classical and jazz training, Connor’s scores have progressively become more orchestral and dynamic as he has branched out over the years. His more prominent scores for short film such as Coping (2016), RUN AWAY (2017) and Lost Souls Archive (2020). Connor has been active as a sound designer since 2016, when he worked on the award winning short Contact (2016). He is currently pursuing a career in sound design through various sound studios in Melbourne, Australia.

Amelia Childs

Amelia is a passionate storyteller, traveller and lover of entertainment, all of which influence her perspective in creating the visual world we see on screen. Having already worked in the art department of many award-winning short films, Amelia had a plethora of props to draw upon to create the 80’s set in Row. Since we had a small crew in Tasmania, Milly had to go above and beyond her role as production designer. She planned costumes, prepared props and liaised with makeup to help bring the world of Row to life. Last year she completed her Bachelor in Film and Television at Swinburne University. Milly continues to work as production designer and in art department on a diverse range of projects for the screen.

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