One Man's Odyssey is a short documentary that tracks Craig Machen's epic paddle around Tasmania for Motor Neurone Disease. 



"It's the hardest thing i've ever done in my life, but it pales into insignificance when you compare it to someone who has a terminal illness"

-  Craig Machen



This is Lochie’s debut documentary.

Born in Tasmania with a strong connection to the North West coast, Lochie has always taken an interest in Tasmanian stories. In 2016, he was studying film in Melbourne when he heard about Kirk's diagnosis with MND. He soon caught news of Craig (an old friend of Kirks) desire to paddle around the state in order to raise money for MND. Intrigued by this physically challenging yet adventurous plan, Lochie quickly hopped on board to what would be an almost month long trip around Tasmania. Whilst travelling around the island state Lochie had the privilege of capturing some of Tasmania's  most uninhabited  yet breathtaking coastline. A rugged and dangerous coast that makes even the most experienced of fisherman uneasy. 

On top of filming, editing and directing Lochie spent numerous hours with Kirk and his family as well as various members of the North West Tassie community, forming emotional bonds that will last a lifetime.